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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> the driver of the vehicle failed to yield. >> police say there was a short pursuit called off about a mile snafl before the fatal crash. >> because of the suspect, reckless driving our officer called off pursuit. our officer was not pursuing the vehicle when collisions occurred. >> police arrested two suspects immediately. and there is was a first for a third suspect for a third suspect that ran away. officers took him into custody. he was transported to the hospital. >> this is sad and someone innocent cost his life. >> and police released names and mug shots of the suspects all aged 20 with connections
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to oakland hayward and san leandro. and police gathered evidence to present to the district attorney. the tragedy is a fremont man lost his life n newark abc 7 news. >> san francisco's newly elected chair -- sheriff ross mirky will appear in court on domestic violence charges and his wife continues to insist he is innocent. carolyn? >> waits a nearly 20 minute interview with venezuela's radio. she is from that country. at times she was quite emotional insist herg husband is a victim of in her words, very dirty politics. iliana lopez stood by her
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husband's side, despite accusations of domestic abuse. >> in this is taken out of context. >> now, she's gone further in a interview in her native venezuela describing charges as political persecution. >> ross mirkarimi is a progressive who isn't backed with power brokers in california. there is richest people in california are behind this. they can't stand a progressive who ran a campaign with very little money won the election for sheriff. >> investigators say lopez confided in a neighbor and reportedly a mirkarimi campaign support yir. according to documents lopez told madison, she had her take pictures of a bruised arm. she denies the abuse and
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questions madison's reasons for calling the police. >> we must find out what her motives are and with who is backing her. that is what the lawyers and investigators will will do. we want to know who she talked to in four day that's convince thord call the police. >> court documents say mirkarimi yelled "f you, f-you when lopez told him she wanted to visit venezuela with her son, now, lopez defliz was any yelling. >> i think that there is a little bit of trying the case in the media that is going on here. i think iliana is i e.trying to dish in the jury pool to accept the story she's saying now. >> but what lopez is saying now would be stacked against
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video the neighbor says the conversation she recorded with lopez and text messages between them. that is evidence prosecutors will use if this case goes to trial. >> and the cold arrived and now, rain is finally on the way. let's check in with a look at the radar tonight. >> i want to show you live doppler 7 hd. there is moisture moving in. there is more than two inches of rain. the rain is headed here. there is no rain at this hour, but it's almost here, you can see this doppler and we'll bring you the latest. so let me show what you is going to happen. rain starts to move into far northern end of the area. most holds off until later on.
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there is some moderate rainfall, this is going to mean snow in the sierra nevada. and we're going to see how much snow in the high country. >> governor jerry brown was optimistic today during today's state of the state address, saluting lawmakers from both houses and both parties for making cuts and hammering out the budget last year. the governor warned against future borrowing to pay california's tills. >> it's said the route to hell is paved with good intentions and digging our selfs into a deep financial hole to do good is a bad idea. this paying down debt is the best policy. >> the government's plan includes more money for schools, nalt tiff energy and high speed rail but republicans say brown's call for increases in the sales tax
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and income tax will cost job autos governor brown says california is not a failed state but you cannot tax and spend your way to prosperity. he says california has unspent potential. he means to raise your taxes and spend your money. >> if you want to watch the speech you can go to our web site abc 7 and click under see it on tv. >> state budget crisis forced oakland to send layoff notices to 2500 people. governor brown's decision to close the state's redevelopment agency is costing $26 million in state funds but numbers are crunched and it's worry some for those who work and wait. and one woman printed off the notice in an appropriate
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color. >> i want it to be more official to me this is a layoff notice. and you know in the movies and what not, it's pink. >> the mayor will submit proposed budget next week deciding who loses their jobs effective february 3. now, police and firefighters are exempt from layoffs. >> and california has largest number of public sector employees making more than $150,000 a year. out of eight states and there is a found 1300 state employees earned more than $150,000 a year.
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and. >> cost of homes and condos dropping in the bay area and sales are up. according to research firm home sales in december reached nearly 7500 that is a 4% increase. the price also falling to a cost of 351,000s oodz san francisco is host tonight to vice president biden and his wife, jill. the vice president appeared in two events in the financial district. tickets starting at 2500s skpdz went up to 10,000. all money goes to the reelection campaign and democratic national committee. the vice president is attending a forum with local technology leaders. >> and joe biden spent the day in palo alto. and there is is the trauma center. and it's one of five such
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facilities. it's acomplete center, specializing in treating traumatic brain injuries. that is where dr. jill biden chose to spend her afternoon. >> she's been involved with michelle obama in an initiative called joining forces honoring veterans and families. they she met with three army veterans recovering from wounds suffered on the fields of afghanistan. and. >> an id exploded near him. this 38-year-old staff sargeant saifrd spinal cord injury when shot in the chest. this 26-year-old specialist is being treated for traumatic brain injury. he was in a coma for a month.
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>> and this is the vice president wife spoke little during the meeting, listening to what doctors said. >> and dr. biden spent a little over an hour here. >> want her to know everybody is answering our question. no question goes. and this is real good. >> and to like to thank them for these medical things for the family and soldier that's are all taken care of. >> there are 2 beds in that trauma center. and there are is one footnote.
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the bidens son serve aid year in iraq. >> secretary of defense said the pentagon is trying to sell what may be thousands of sexual assaults in the military. and said the problem is a stain on the honor of the armed forces announcing several changes to help victims and prosecute rapists. >> we've got to make sure that prosecutors are as aggressive as we feel in order to make sure signal is sent anyone who does this is going to be held accountable. >> and he said there were 3100 reports of sexual assaults last year but added few victims report the crime so real number is closer to 19,000. and he says he feels attention has been lacking in the defense department. >> coming up next at 5:00 think the bay area has playoff fever? wait until you hear how fast
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niner tickets were snatched up. >> there is a how you can help this swured dog get back to the road to
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san francisco spca is asking for money to pay for medical kofs costs of a severely injured dog. he disappeared from a home last year. and eight months later someone dropped him off inside of a crate. he was in bad condition and his owner didn't recognize him. he suffered from infection that's made him lose his teeth and an eye he was happy to see he was alive but ways heart broken and distraught. in the condition he was in. >> a veterinarian say he is recovering well and they don't think he was beaten or abused
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just neglected. >> and this will not come as a shock but 49er as announced the championship game is sold out. and fans snapped up whatever tickets were left today. season ticket holders had opportunities to buy tickets this morning and sold remaining tickets at 1:00 this afternoon z they just disappeared almost instantly. >> san francisco police plan to boost their usual presence for sunday's playoff showdown between 49ers and new york giants. >> there are officers on the route into and out of candle stick. >> do we want it to be safe and want niner fans to know it's for everybody. and good advice.
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officers are going to make sure any post game celebrations remain peaceful. >> and we want to see your niners pride. photo sent to us via you reports had actress teri hatcher. she was a niners cheerleader in 1984. craig shared this picture saying he helped drive the winnebago the gold rush used as a dressing room in 1908s, tough duty, huh? to up load your photo you can up load or e mail. >> his job was to drive cheerleaders around? >> boy. >> we wait for more than just cold they're dealing with a rough winter in washington state. huge amounts of snow is causing all sorts of problems. >> this is the area under 30 feet of water and foods of
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2007. and the road cruise aren't about to let snows shut down this main north-south artery again and trains still aable to get through and this is all clear yesterday, then, last night snows blew in and didn't stop until mid morning. >> this is probably the biggest i've seen ever. >> and. >> this morning it was, you know a full 12 inches. and watch out here. >> this is coming down. >> and that is going to be a huge problem tonight. roads freeze over making for treacherous driving but folks are venturing out. and dressed only in a speedo. >> it's cold. i run down to five degrees.
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>> and i hope so. >> that is not something you see every day. seattle is getting through okay. there are some spinouts but those freeways are kept clear, you can see about two feet of snow in the ground. all in all, everything is going okay. >> and we're about to get more of the winter weather. >> when it's going to arrive, sandhya patel has information on that. >> very soon. and there is going to be rain here, look at this view. it's just brown there. is not much snow up there. snow pack is 10% of the normal. laugh year 112% of normal. we're expecting a couple feet which is what you're looking
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at so get ready. just enjoy the snow. and there is another live picture looking west. sunsetting and we saw sun today. there is a chance of rain today but not happening just yet. it's up towards crescent city. you can see they've been getting rain, over two inches so far. mountains with snow there. and winter storm warnings until tomorrow morning so... that is above 2000 feet. cold weather coming our way. we'll see cold in terms of snow and some rain here, soon. and mostly and we're looking at weather to begin, tomorrow snow, arrives and it's going
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to continue right throughout the weekend. so storms have been deflected for now. there is a jet stream going to start to move towards us. and this is a stronger storm due here friday afternoon and into evening hours. here is the timing of the system. tonight not a lot happening. some clouds, heading towards 5:00 a.m. there is sonoma county starting to see rainfall. there is rain shifting south, there is some yellows here, we'll notice showers behind that. another storm hits us into friday morning, and there is heavy rain for friday evening and heavy rain starts to move down friday night at 9:00 p.m. this, looks like a good storm
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there for your friday and scattered showers for saturday morning. not a lot heading into sunday. yeah. i know niners are playing. changes have happened. up to four inches into north bay mountains and inch and a half to two inches of rain for north bay. and south bay, three quarters to an inch and a half. and there is up to three inches of rain with two storms. winter storm warning through 4:00 a.m. friday. there is up to two feet above 7,000 feet hazardous driving conditions have gusty winds develop, too. there is milder readings with cloud cover. and make sure you have rain gear, we're going see wet yerj here and we're looking at rain beginning to move in.
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upper 50s to low 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is more wet weather friday afternoon into first half of the saturday. showers are lingering and if this forecast holds true we're going to see a short break. and this may pan out perfectly here. >> thank you. >> and thank you. >> new at 6:00 tonight imagine how many collisions could be avoided if cars could talk to each other. >> how they can in just a moment. ÷t
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roorks workers taking apart a walkway brick by brick it was made in 1987 and people bought
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bricks for the walkway inscribed with names of loved one autos they thought it was permanent but it didn't meet standards of the americans with disability act. >> and a new part of the bridge is go tok built. >> it's going to include a wall with the names that were on the brick autos the bay area newborn that helped niner autos yes. deliver on his twitter ticket promise. stay with us. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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coming up at 6:00 battle to build a new stadium for 49ers. tonightry of sorts for opponents of the deal and a controversial bill and unlikely group that joined
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forces today to stop it. >> i just don't believe you. i believe you're nolting me the truth. >> and proof no good deed goes unpunished. how a man got bills for towing and storing a vehicle he didn't own. its coming up at 6:00 right now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and this is a great news story. a man in san carlos won four free tickets to sunday's 49ers game. and also got tickets for the best fan story. it reads my first child was born during saturday's game. >> the doctor let us watch the game during labor. and he says he had to give up his tickets to last weekend's game. >> i thought i timed it perfectly. due on the 20th and game on the 14th. plenty of time. and god works


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